Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just installed a new desktop tool for uploading to my blogs. The tool is w.bloggar v4.03.
So this is a test in it's simplest form

Friday, February 29, 2008

Unusual Art

Hi Again!
I was playing around the internet and ran across this interesting website: The pics are very creative and use human genitalia. It seems similar art is probably lurking around out there in the ether, and if you know any sites that use human genitalia for art let me know by posting a link on this blog.

The images got me thinking about another site I saw several years ago that used Tampons as the base for their art designs. The site was called TamponArt.
Evidently the site no longer exists, but I found some links to some of the pictures of these little jewels. Go here to find them (you might have to turn off filtering using the preferences link next to the search button on the google page):

I enjoyed them all, let me know what you think.
Later, sue

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day one

Well, Hello Everyone!

This is, I hope, going to become the main Blog for my website :

I already have a blog on the neitsg website, but discovered that nobody (including myself) is using it. If this blog works, I plan on deleting the one I have on the website.
One of the problems I have with the neitsg website is that it is hosted with a provider that is very restrictive of the content that gets posted.
With this being used for it's Blog that should no longer be a problem.
Transgenderism necessarily includes sexuality and this sort of topic can be freely explored with this Blog.
I can also post info that I have on other Adult Content Blogs that I have.

So there it is.
I will keep you updated to changes on my websites and my life as they occur.